Best Time to Visit Nepal | Best Season to visit Nepal

Best time to visit Nepal

With the end of the Monsoon Season, the climate of Nepal gets clear and the perspectives wind up marvelous. September denotes the end of the monsoon in Nepal. And October marks the beginning of the autumn season and continues through November so these two months is the best time to visit the country of Himalayas. Nepal consists of four seasons.

Spring lasts from March to May and is warm with rain showers and temperatures around 22°C.

Summer, from June to August, is the rainstorm season when the slopes turn lavish and green. Temperatures can get very warm, up to 30°C and more during heat waves. 

Fall, from September to November, is cool with clear skies and is the most mainstream season for trekking. Temperatures are not very warm, with day by day maxima about 25°C and cool evenings with minima of 10°C. 

Winter, lasts from December to January. The climate is cool and the sky is clear with intermittent snowfalls at higher heights. This season is useful for trekking in lower heights. The morning and night are cold and the days are warm when sunny.

For more news about weather conditions and forecasting of Nepal, Please visit the official site of the Meteorological Forecasting Division of GoN.