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Chalnakhel to Chandrajyoti Hydropower Station Hike

Chandrajyoti Hydro-electric power station popularly known as the Pharping Hydropower Station is the first hydropower project of Nepal and the second of Asia. Chalnakhel to Chandragiri Hydropower Station Hike falls under the easy hike around Kathmandu. Chalnakhel is the next station towards Dakshinkali after Taudaha. The hike can be completed around 3 to 4 hours and is suitable for beginners.

Take a Bus to Dakshinkali from Old Buspark, Kathmandu, and get off at Chalnakhel, which is the next stop after Taudaha. The bus might take around 30-45 minutes to reach Chalnakhel depending upon the traffic. Now upon reaching Chalnakhel start to walk towards the Chandrajyoti Hydropower station. The trail goes along the way of the brick industry and the edge of River Bagmati. It might take around 2 hours to reach the Centennial gate of Chandrajyoti Hydropower that was established in 1911 AD by the then Prime Minister Chandra Shamsher.

clay brick industry on hike of chandrajyoti hydropower pharping
Brick industry along the way

The hydropower station had been smoothly running till the late 1990s. But the aging of power stations needed to be converted into a heritage site. The hydropower was declared a Living Museum by the government of Nepal in 2010 and was open for the public. Currently, water from the reservoir lake is used for drinking water supply for Lalitpur District.

chandrajyoti pharping hike centenary gate
Centenary gate

After reaching the gate of the Power House Station now then comes the steep stairs that go towards the reservoir of the Power House. Due to the steep staircase, it might take around 1 and a half hours to reach the reservoir. Upon reaching the reservoir explore the beautiful area. Walk around the dam site and spend some quality time witnessing the view of Lalitpur that lies beyond the Bagmati River. Finally, take the Bus from Pharping to Old Buspark.

chandrajyoti hydropwer hike powerhouse pharping
Trip Details

Bus: Old Buspark to Chalnakhel
Hike Start Point: Chalnakhel
Hike End Point: Pharping
Main Highlight: Chandrajyoti Hydropower Station ( Pharping Hydropower Station)
Time: Around 3-4 hours

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