champadevi hike, hike around kathmandu, roam around nepal

Champadevi Hike

Champadevi Hike falls under the strenuous hike in comparison to other hikes around the Kathmandu Valley. Around 75% of the hike composes of steep ascends and descends which makes it more difficult. 

Champadevi Hill is situated at an elevation of 2,278m is the third highest hill around Kathmandu Valley. The hill offers the magnificent views of Kathmandu Valley along with the majestic mountain ranges.

champadevi hike, hike around kathmandu, roam around nepal
Champadevi hill

Trip Facts for Champadevi Hike

Total Time: 6-7 hours
Starting Point: Bhanjyang, Pharping
Ending Point: Pushpalal Park, Machhegaon
Tea Shop: not available
Budget: Rs 500 per person including water and lunch

Our group preferred to commence this hike during the end of June (Mid of Asar), but we would not recommend others to try this hike during Monsoon Season due to the disgusting leeches and slippery trail at some spots.

All of us gathered at 7 am at Old Buspark, from where we took the Bus towards Dakshinkali. The bus departed from Buspark at around 7:45 and dropped us at Bhanjyang at around 9 am. We opt to commence the hike from Bhanjyang as the trail here is superb and well managed.

Upon reaching Bhanjyang we searched for some hotels to have a light breakfast but unfortunately, there weren’t any such hotels so as an alternative we bought some snacks and two bottles of water for each person.

But two bottles of water for each person was also not enough during the hike, so we recommend to carry enough water during the hike and also have a light breakfast at home if it is possible. 

champadevi hike, hike around kathmandu, roam around nepal

Finally, at around 9:15, we started our hike from Bhanjyang towards the Champadevi. The trail slightly ascended towards the Hattiban Resort, passing through the beautiful pine forest. After walking for around 45  minutes, now the trail follows the steep ascends for about 15 minutes and emerges at the road towards the Hattiban Resort. 

champadevi hike, hike around kathmandu, roam around nepal
Hattiban resort

It took us around 1 hour to reach the Hattiban Resort from the Bhanjyang. From resort upon walking for about 15 minutes, the road divided into left and right trail, the left trail goes towards the Gumba, whereas the right trails head towards the Champadevi.  We took the right trail and continued our hike.

champadevi hike, hike around kathmandu, roam around nepal

After walking for about 30 minutes the trail then encountered the stairways, which continued until reaching the Champadevi. The stairway is also a cause for this hike to be more difficult. As we continued to hike forward, we also met the different groups of people.

champadevi hike, hike around kathmandu, roam around nepal

Upon walking for around the next 10 minutes continuously on the stairway, we met the point of junction which is the meeting point for the hikers who opt to hike from the Khahare(near Tau Daha). This route consists of more steep ascends of 75 degrees, which makes the hike comparatively more difficult.

We planned to rest for about 20 minutes here, viewing the spectacular beauty of Kathmandu Valley while enjoying our snacks too. 

Afterward, we continued our hike towards the Champadevi overcoming the more steep stairways. As the trail goes nearer the Champadevi Hill, the stairways get steeper, upon walking continuously for around 1 and a half hours we finally conquered the Champadevi Hill.

champadevi hike, hike around kathmandu, roam around nepal

A small temple of Champadevi is located at the top of the hill, and this temple receives abundant visitors during the Nepali New Year (Bhaishak 1).

As our plan was to carry out the round trip, so we opted to descend towards the Macchegaon. The trail that descends towards the Machhegaon was a bit further from Champadevi Temple, so without resting on Champadevi Temple, we continued our walk towards the descending point.

As it was Monsoon Season, we had some difficulty on various spots afterward, due to the slippery trail. After descending slightly for around 30 minutes we reached the descending point towards Macchegaon. 

champadevi hike, hike around kathmandu, roam around nepal

One may also continue their hike towards the Chandragiri upon going the same trail and ascending the hill, but we took a left turn as we were supposed to descend down towards Macchegaon.

It was around 1:15 pm, while we started to descend down towards the Macchegaon. The descent was quite steep filled with some difficult and dangerous spots. What was more frustrating was the nasty leeches that attacked us simultaneously. So we wouldn’t recommend this trail during Monsoon and also for the people who hate steep descends.

champadevi hike, hike around kathmandu, roam around nepal

Due to the leeches, we took our steps more quickly and without halting at any point because if we even halt for 5-10 seconds then simultaneously 3 to 4 leeches would have already been there in our shoes and body.

Upon descending more quickly to get rid of those leeches, we finally reached Macchegaon around 3 pm. 

From Macchegaon, we took the Bus and returned back to the Old Buspark.



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