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Chitlang Hike

Chitlang Hike falls under the popular destination and is located about 22 km south of Kathmandu Valley. Due to its short distance from the Valley, Chitlang now days is receiving an abundance of visitors, most of them are from Kathmandu Valley itself.

Trip Facts:

Total Time: 4-5 hours
Starting Point: Thankot, Godam
Ending Point: Chitlang
Tea Shop: available in Godam, Bhanjyang, Chitlang
Budget: Rs 1500 per person including room and lunch

Our group of 4 people decided to carry this amazing 1 night trip towards Chitlang. As we planned to go there during the weekend, we prebooked the hotel as it’s very difficult to get rooms at weekend due to a large number of visitors.

All of us planned to gather in Kalanki at around 7 am and then took the bus towards Thankot, Godam. At around 7:45 the bus dropped us at Thankot, Godam. Now here we bought enough snacks, fruits, and water for our trip and had some light breakfast. At around 8:45 we finally commenced our hike to Chitlang via the Chandragiri route.

There are two trails available until reaching the Bhanjyang, which divides the way towards Chandragiri and Chitlang. We opted for a graveled road trail rather than a forest trail as all of us were afraid of disgusting leeches.

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Kathmandu valley

As we got deeper into the trail we were overwhelmed by the freshness of nature along with the amazing landscapes. As we turn back we could see the stunning view of Kathmandu Valley along with the picturesque mountain ranges.

On the way, we stopped several times to enjoy our snacks in the nature-filled with mesmerizing beauties and landscapes.

Upon walking around for 3 hours we reached the Bhanjyang, from here the trail divides towards the Chandragiri hills and Chitlang. So from here we took the right turn and descended towards the Chitlang. Upon descending for about 2 hours we finally touched Chitlang village, but as our hotel was located near Narayanhiti, so we had to walk an extra 1.5 hrs to reach there.

chitlang hike, hike to chitlang, roam around nepal
Chitlang village.

After checking-in at the resort, we refreshed ourselves and had our lunch. Later in the evening we explored around the village and was greeted by a peaceful environment and wonderful landscapes. Afterward, we returned back at the resort and enjoyed the camp firing.

The next day we had our breakfast at around 8 am and then check out the resort around 9 am. Then we walked towards the Narayanhiti and took the small bolero that goes towards the Thankot Godam via the same route of Chandragiri and Bhanjyang. It took around 2 hours for us to reach Thankot Godam.

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One may also visit Markhu from Chitlang as it only takes around 1 and a half hours to walk to reach there. The trail goes through the beautiful forest and offers the spectacular beauty of nature. Later can return back to Kathmandu on the bus that departs around 2 pm from Markhu.

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