Do and Don’t in Nepal

Nepal is the country of cultural diversity. The hospitality offered by the people of Nepal persuades the visitors to return back to the country of Himalayas more often. But there are some norms and values one must keep in their mind while their visit during Nepal, so it doesn’t hurt the people of Nepal. Here are some do and don’t that might help you during your stay in Nepal:


  • Always greet saying Namaste (joining the palms together and bowing your head)
  • Remove your shoes before entering a Nepali home, temple, and monastery.
  • Take permission before entering a Hindu Temple as many Hindu temples do not allow non-Hindu to enter.
  • Walk clockwise around temples or stupas.
  • Wear full, long-sleeved dresses. Avoid dresses that are provocative and sexually enticing.
  • Do get a receipt of authenticity when purchasing an antique replica, otherwise, you will not be allowed to take it out of the country.


  • Don’t touch anything with your feet and try not to step over or point your feet at another person or sacred place.
  • Don’t eat with your left hand.
  • Don’t eat beef as cows are sacred in Nepal.
  • Don’t offer food to a Nepali after tasting it, nor eat from a common pot, and avoid touching your lips to a shared drinking vessel.
  • Don’t lose your cool. Raising your voice or shouting is seen as extremely bad manners in Nepal.
  • Avoid holding hands between women and men in public places as it is considered offensive in Nepal.