Lakuri Bhanjyang hike around kathmandu

Lakuri Bhanjyang Hike

Suryabinayak to Lakuri Bhanjyang hike is the popular hike around the Kathmandu Valley. The person seeking the day off from the hustle-bustle of the Kathmandu city feels refreshed during the hike as it goes past the beautiful Ranikot Village that commands the majestic mountain panorama during the clear days. The hike from Suryabinayak to Ranikot takes around 3 hours. The trail then ascends towards the Lakuri Bhanjyang for another 1 hour. The route is gaining its popularity as many travelers commence the hike in current days. The small hilltop near Kathmandu propounds the splendid view of Kathmandu Valley along with the wonderful views of the Himalayas. One can spend around an hour in Lakuri Bhanjyang exploring the beauty of the hill while taking the snack break. The trail now descends down to Lamatar for about 2 hours. From where one can take the bus that goes to Lagankhel and head back towards their home.

  • Take a bus towards Suryabinayak
  • Walk from Suryabinayak Bus Station to Suryabinayak Temple (Approx 20-30 minutes)
  • From the temple take the right turn and head towards the Army Barrack (Approx. 20 minutes)
  • Follow the trail until reaching Tarkeshowr Mahadev Temple (Approx. 30 minutes)
  • From Temple climb the Hill towards Pilot Baba Ashram (Approx. 45 minutes)
  • Then head the trail towards Ranikot (Approx. 45 minutes)
  • From Ranikot take a right turn and follow the trail towards Lakuri Bhanjyang (Approx. 1 hour)
  • And then finally descend down towards the Lamatar (Approx 1.5 hr)
  • Take a bus that goes to Lagankhel

Below is the detailed description of our trip if in case you are interested to go through the detail.

We took a bus towards the Suryabinak, Bhaktapur around 7 am in the morning that dropped us at around 7:30 at the Suryabinayak Bus Station. From there we commenced our hike towards the Suryabinayak Temple that took around 15 minutes. Then we took the right turn and headed towards the Army Barrack. The trail goes around the green forest full of nature. After the continuous walk of around 1 hour, we reached the Army Barrack from where we strolled for next 30 minutes and reached the Tarkeshowr Mahadev Temple. Upon reaching the temple we ascended the hill towards the Pilot Baba Ashram. (One may take the direct route that goes towards the Pilot Baba Ashram from the Suryabinayak Temple just take the left turn instead of right). As in our case, we opt for the natural hiking trail t enjoy the feeling of a true hike in an off-beaten path.

After achieving the Pilot Baba Ashram we took a short tea break for about 10 minutes, then continued our hike towards Ranikot. We carried plenty of fruits including apple, banana, and chocolates keeping in mind whether the trail had enough hotels or not. So we enjoyed our snacks during the hike so that we weren’t out of our stamina. Please do carry enough water and fruits as there are very few hotels after crossing the Ranikot. We halted at Ranikot for another cup of tea. Ranikot offers a spectacular view of Himalayan panorama so one can even enjoy their lunch here enjoying the beautiful views. It took us around 1 hour to reach Ranikot from Pilot Baba Ashram.

After the break of 15 minutes, we continued our hike towards the Lakuri Bhanjyang. The trail follows some ascends and descends and finally emerges at Lakuri Bhanjyang. It took us around 2 hours to reach Lakuri Bhanjyag from Ranikot. As weather supported us we were pleased to witness the majestic Himalayan Range. We finalized to have our packed lunch in Lakuri Bhanjyang enjoying the spectacular beauty of the place. There were several groups that were enjoying their picnic on the fabulous spot. After finishing up our lunch we started to descend down towards the Lamatar. After the continuous walk of around 2 hours, we finally reached Lamatar, from where we took a bus for the Lagankhel and then headed back to our destinations.

hiking route map of suryabinayak to lakuribhanjyang

Click here for a large view of the map.

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