trek to lamjung himal base camp

Lamjung Himal Base Camp Trek

Lamjung Himal Base Camp trek is gaining its popularity in recent days. As it falls under the off beaten trek, very people are unaware of this splendid trekking trail. This wonderful trekking trail passes through the lush dense forest and beautiful streams and propounds you with the experience of walking along with nature.

Lamjung Himal Base Camp trek requires camping as there aren’t any teahouse available on this route. Therefore one must be fully prepared about their needs and necessities before carrying out this trek. Also, Lamjung Himal Base Camp Trek follows the same trekking trail as that of Dudh Kunda until reaching Furju Deurali(4300m).

The awesome trek witnesses the breathtaking views of Lamjung Himal (6,983m), Mt Machapuchare known as Fish Tail (6,997m) in the west to Manaslu (8,163m) and Himal Chuli in the east. Enjoy this phenomenal trek and unveil the magnificent trekking trail that is hardly commenced in the Annapurna Region.

As per our trekking experience to this route, we don’t recommend the solo trek, as there are no teahouses available during the trek and also the trail seems more difficult and might lose its track on certain spots.

Lamjung Himal Base Camp trek Itinerary:

Day 01: Kathmandu to Ghalegaun (2100m)

Ghalegaun, smart village of Nepal

Early in the morning, we caught the bus towards the Besisahar and the bus took around 6-7 hours to reach the Besisahar. From there we took the Jeep (Bolero) and headed for the Ghalegaun. Overnight at Ghalegaun.

Day 02: Ghalegaun to Maidu Kharkha (2877m)  7-8 hours

Way to Lamjung Himal Base camp and Dudhpokhari

Early in the morning we caught a glimpse of the astonishing mountain ranges from Ghalegaun and witnessed the sunrise from the viewpoint. Upon finishing our breakfast around 8:30 am, we started our first trek of the Lamjung Himal Base Camp and headed towards the Maidu Kharkha. Within 30 minutes the trail passed the Ghanpokhara and ascended towards the Maidu Kharkha. 

Please note that there isn’t any source of water until reaching the Maidu Kharkha so please carry enough water. As the trail follows some steep ascends, there lie quite difficult passes in some places so one must cautiously take their steps. At around 2 pm we enjoyed our lunch and relaxed. After lunch, we continued our trekking trail through the dense forest. Upon walking continuously for 7-8 hrs we finally reached Maidu Kharkha (2877m) at around 6 pm.

Settlement at Maidu Kharka
The settlement at Maidu Kharka.

Dharmasala situated there contained a small stream just beside the trail. There we set up our camp and then have our meal (carried by each of us) by lighting the fire as the firewood was available at the Dharmasala. Overnight in Camp at Maidu Kharkha.

Day 03: Maidu Kharkha to Thaneko (3656m)

On the way to Lamjung Himal Base Camp

After breakfast, we continued our trek leaving behind the Maidu Kharkha. Now here comes the steep Stoney ascend that lasts for about 1 hour and reaches the spectacular viewpoint Palma Kharka (3741m ). This viewpoint offers the majestic views of mountain ranges. There lies the direction board so you don’t miss the trail. Now the trail moves towards the Romro Danda for about 1 and a half hours and reaches the other Dharmasala. 

Settlement and the Goat Farm at Rambro dada
The settlement at Romro Dada.

And another 1-hour walk from Dharmasala took us to the Thokyo (3390m), where we relaxed for some minutes and have small snacks. From here the trail now heads towards the Kyubara (3470m), one of the most fascinating spots of the whole trek. It took around 2 hrs from Thokyo to reach Kyubara . The ambiance and surrounding around the Kyubara made all our tiredness fade away due to its spectacular beauty of nature. There lies another Dharmasala at Kyubara too. 

Settlement at Kyubara
Settlement at Kyubara.

After spending some quality time at Quebara we continued our treks to Thaneko. As the trail followed more ascends it took around 3 hrs to reach the Thaneko(3656m). Upon reaching Thaneko, we set up our tent at Dharmasala and enjoyed our meal and then got inside our sleeping bag. Overnight in camp at Thaneko.

Day 04: Thaneko to Furju Deurali (4385m)  6-7 hrs walk

Settlement at Thaneko

Today we commenced the trek early in the morning around 6:30 am. We followed the beautiful trail passing through the lush green forest and streams. There lies the two beautiful river streams on the trail before reaching Kudiche (3772m) also known as the Valley Camp.

Water stream, way to dudhpokhari

Upon reaching Kudhiche we noticed that the Dharmasala situated there was not in proper condition. So don’t plan to stay here overnight, also the weather here gets quite foggy from around 10 am due to high elevation.

Settlement at Khudiche, Village camp
The settlement at Khudiche.

We recommend you to reach Khudiche as early as possible, as Kudiche lacks the direction board and it’s quite hard to figure out the trail, we also lost our way for around 2 hours here though we reached before the weather was foggy.

Khudiche, dudhpokhari trek
Khudiche Kharka.

Please don’t cross the river near Khudiche, take the left of the Dharmasala, and ascend up to the hill following the trail towards the Furju Deurali (4385m) for about 5 hours. Please fill enough water at Khudiche as there’s no water source available upon leaving Khudiche till Furju Deurali. Upon reaching Furju Deurali we set up our tent to have a light meal and got into our Sleeping Bag. Overnight in tent at Furju Deurali.

Disclaimer: We couldn’t figure out our way toward Furju Deurali from here, so we decided to return back to Ghalegaun. Here, we tried to provide further information according to our plan. Please be informed that the information provided after Khudiche toward Furju Deurali is the best of our knowledge but we cannot assure that the information is 100% accurate. If you are planning to take this route we suggest you find the local guide from Ghanapokhara/Ghalegaun if possible.

Day 05: Furju Deurali to Lamjung Base Camp (4500m) to Tangting

Sunrise at Ghalegaun

Wake up early in the morning and start to ascend towards Lamjung Himal Base Camp if you don’t want to ruin the spectacular views with the fog. As mountainous region offers a splendid view early in the morning. At around 2 hours of ascending from Furju Deurali, finally reach the main attraction of the trek, Lamjung Himal Base Camp. 

After spending some quality time at the base camp continue your trek and descend towards the Tangting village for about 8-10 hours. Upon reaching the village we book the room and relax. Overnight at Tangting Village.

Day 06: Tangting to Pokhara and back to Kathmandu

Have your breakfast early in the morning and then catch the jeep towards Pokhara. From Pokhara, you can catch the bus to Kathmandu.

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