Nagarkot to Dhulikhel Hike

nagarkot hike around kathmandu

Nagarkot to Dhulikhel Hike

Nagarkot to Dhulikhel Hike falls under among the most rated hike around Kathmandu Valley. Nagarkot the nearest hill station from Kathmandu lies towards the east of Kathmandu with the distance of 32 km. The splendid hill station is famous for the majestic mountain panorama offered during the clear days. Standing at an elevation of 2,195 meters, Nagarkot serves as one of the best spot of Bhaktapur district. The hike starts from Nagarkot follows some ascends and descends passing through the forest, small village settlements and finally halts at Dhulikhel or Banepa.

Trip Facts

Total Time: 6-7 hours
Starting Point: Nagarkot
Ending Point: Banepa/ Dhulikhel
Tea Shop: Not available in all spot
Budget: Rs 300 per person including water and lunch

At around 7 am we took the bus towards the Kamalbinayak, Bhaktapur. And from there we board the bus for the Nagarkot around 8 am. The bus towards Nagarkot leaves within the interval of 15 -20 minutes. We reached Nagarkot around 9 am and then took the road towards the view tower and started to walk. As we left early from the home and didn’t had chance to have the breakfast we decided to have tea and biscuit before we commence our hike towards Dhulikhel. After the short break of tea in Nagarkot we walked for 15 minutes and then headed towards the Hotel Mystic Mountain leaving the main road towards View Tower. As there was the sign board on the road so we didn’t had any difficulty on choosing the hiking route.

The trail goes along with the Army Camp following the dense forest greeting us with the cool breeze of air. As sign boards are available at each junction, one can easily detect the hiking route. But as soon as the army camp ended we got confused about the direction as no sign boards were available. After the continuous walk of one and half hours after the camp we took the right turn seeing the broad road. Upon leaving the Nagarkot no teashop or any other shop are available as the trail goes through the jungle, so it is very essential to pack your lunch along with the enough water.

setting sun at short hike of Bhaktapur Nagarkot

After turning the right leaving behind the Army Camp, we walk for about half an hour and then saw the huge playground of Kashi Bhanjyang below the hill. Now from here the trail descends down towards the Kashi Bhanjyang through the means of staircase. Upon descending the staircase continuously around 1 hour we finally reached the Kashi Bhanjyang where it had 5, 6 houses with one small shop. After leaving Nagarkot it was our first encounter of human settlements along with the shop. We bought some snacks and water from the shop and then continued our hike. After descending down to Kashi Bhanjyang now the trail ascends upwards towards the Tanchok, as Tanchok is situates at the top of the hill. So we started to ascend the hill in our own walking pace neither too fast nor too slow. After the walk of around 1 hour we reached Tanchok which provided the stunning panorama of the Himalayas. There was also a small hotel at the top of the hill. We rested there for about 1o minutes enjoying the view and then continued to hike.

Now from Tanchok the hiking trail goes downwards to reach the main road. The trail now goes through the human settlement leaving behind the dense forest. After descending for about 1 hour we reached the main road and then followed the main road towards Banepa. One may also opt to go for the Dhulikhel taking the left turn.

Please Note: As no hotel and tea shop are available after leaving Nagarkot and until reaching Kashi Bhanjyang, it is recommended to carry enough water and healthy snacks and fruits.

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