Nagarkot to Jarsing Pauwa Hike

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Nagarkot to Jarsing Pauwa Hike

Nagarkot to Jarsing Pauwa Hike falls under the short hike route around the Kathmandu Valley. This short hike is suitable for the children too as the trail doesn’t passes the steep ascends or descends and can be completed within 2-3 hours.

map of nagarkot to jarsing pauwa hike, hike around kathmandu, easy hike in kathmandu
Map showing the route from Nagarkot Buspark to Jarsing Pauwa

Trip Facts

Total Time: 2-3 hours
Starting Point: Nagarkot
Ending Point: Jarsing Pauwa
Tea Shop: available in some places
Budget: Rs 300 per person including water and lunch

There are two trails to commence this hike, among which we preferred to hike through the dense forest. There’s also the trail which goes through the bus road passing through the Naya Gaun and reaches the Kartike danda.

This superb short hike from Nagarkot to Jarsing Pauwa offers the phenomenal mountain views and himalayan ranges on the clear weather. Person seeking a short hike from the hustle bustle of city should definitely try out this hike.

Now let’s get to the detailed information about this short hike.

Our group was composed of 5 people. We all gathered at the Kamalbinayak and then took the bus of 9:50 towards Nagarkot. We also had the chance to take the earlier bus which departed at 8:50 but due to unavailability of seat we waited for the next bus.

After waiting about an hour in the bus, finally the bus started moving towards Nagarkot. At around 11 am, the bus dropped us at Nagarkot from where we caught the forest trail towards the Jarsing Pauwa. One who feels uneasy to walk through the forest could also opt for other trail that goes through the road passing the Naya Gaun.

kartike dada, nagarkot to jarsing pauwa hike, hike around kathmandu, easy hike in kathmandu
Kartike dada

Upon walking for around 45 minutes through the forest we finally reached the road of Kartike Danda. This is the same place from where the road divides into two ways. The left black topped road goes towards the Sankhu while the right graveled road takes you towards the Jarsing Pauwa.

Upon walking for about 20 minutes from Kartike Danda we took a break of 15 minutes and enjoyed our snacks viewing the mesmerising terraced farming along with beautiful village untouched by pollution. After a short break we continued our walk and upon walking around 1 hour we finally reached Jarsing Pauwa.

Later we caught the bus from Jarsing Pauwa and headed back to Kathmandu. The bus took around 1 and a half hours to reach Chabahil.

Note: We especially recommend this hike as a family hike as children and elderly people can also easily commence this hike.

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