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National Paddy Day in Nepal

With the start of Monsoon, Nepal each year celebrates National Paddy Day (Dhan Diwas), on Asar 15, (during the end of June). People all over the country celebrate this day by planting rice seedlings on their rice fields.

This day marks the official beginning of paddy plantation which is called “Ropai” in Nepali. Nepal had marked Asar 15 as National Paddy Day since 2005.

national paddy day, roam around nepal, asadh 15

Along with the plantation of rice seedlings, Nepali also celebrates Paddy Day by a feast of Dahi Chiura (a combination of Curd and Beaten rice), splashing muddy water, singing, and dancing. A special kind of traditional song known as Asare geet is sung by the people while planting the seed.

Traditional Asare geet.

Nepal is Agriculture dominated country, and about 80% of the economy of Nepal depends on Agriculture. Due to lack of proper irrigation channel, most of the part of the country has to depend on the rainwater of Monsoon season for rice seedling plantation.

national paddy day, roam around nepal, asadh 15

Only about 25% of the total cultivation area is covered by irrigation facility and in such a region, rice plantation is done twice a year. 

Monsoon directly affects the economy of the country. The year with favorable monsoon season improves the agricultural product providing positive effort on the national economic growth rate for the year.

national paddy day in nepal, monsoon in nepal, roam around nepal
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The day is also grandly celebrated in Pokhara. Besides rice seedling plantation, people also celebrate this day on Pokhara by performing other activities which include fishing in muddy water, running the ox on the field, singing folk songs, and with the feast of Dahi Chiura ( Curd and Beaten Rice).

national paddy in nepal, monsoon in nepal, roam around nepal
Pic source: The Kathmandu Post

Paddy Day (Ropai Festival) has pulled up the attention of a large number of international tourists as the way of exchanging culture and familiarizing with locals.

Also festivals such as Janai Purnima, Gaijatra and Ropai Jatra all fall during Monsoon in Nepal. So Monsoon is the best season to experience agricultural activities, the unique lifestyle of the Nepali people.

Also, there is a list of treks that can be carried out during the Monsoon Season in Nepal.


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