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Shivapuri Hike

Shivapuri Hike is one also among the best hiking route of Kathmandu Valley. Situated at an elevation of 2563m at the northern edge of Kathmandu Valley Shivapuri National Park is the ninth national park of Nepal and the second-largest hill of Kathmandu Valley. Shivapuri hike commands the spectacular view of the Langtang Himalayas, wonderful nature, birds-eye view of Kathmandu Valley.

kathmandu valley seen on the route of shivapuri hike
Kathmandu valley

c Now from here follow the beautiful trail passing the dense forest and enjoying every aspect of nature and then reach the Nagi Gumba which offers the splendid 360-degree view Kathmandu Valley.

Now there is a choice of going up to Shivapuri Peak via the Nagi Gompa or taking the stone stairs that branches off from the road a kilometer before the gompa. The latter, because it bypasses the monastery, goes through the even denser forest. You labor up through a green tunnel. There are some trees on this stretch that are big enough to stop you on your track. It’s something of a wonder to find a living giant so close to Kathmandu, where every tree seems to be on death row. Persevering up this incline brings you to a small clearing in the forest. Tips of mountains are visible above the trees, titillating, promising stunning views from higher up.

bagdwar, origin of river Bagmati hike in nepal
Bagdwar, The origin of river Bagmati

It takes around 4 hours to reach Bagdwar from Panimuhan.

Shivapuri peak board on shivapuri peak hike
Shivapuri peak.

The trail now ascends to steeply uphill through the oak, rhododendron forest, and finally reaches the Shivapuri Peak. It might take around 40 minutes to reach the Shivapuri Peak from Bagdwar. The peak propounds an awesome view of mountain ranges including the Ganesh Himal Range, Langtang, and Jugal Himal towards the direct north and also Mount Manaslu towards the south. Spend some quality time here enjoying awesome views while experiencing nature. Finally, descend back to the Bagdwar, and reach Saptalingeshowr, from where there are two options to head back to Kathmandu. Either get follow back the same route or head towards Sundarijal via Okhreni, which is a beautiful village along the side of Bagmati River. It might take around 4-5 hours to reach Sundarijal from Saptalimgeswor.

map on shivapuri peak hike hike in nepal
The map on a tree at Saptalingeshwor,

Please note there aren’t any tea houses or shops upon leaving the Panimuhan and until getting the Okhreni if you are planning for a round trip.

rainfall on beautiful okhreni village hike in nepal
Beautiful Okhreni village during rainfall.

The hike seems slightly challenging on the route towards Sundarijal. So please calculate your time so that you may catch the last bus from Sundarijal that goes towards the Kathmandu Buspark.