On the way to Tatopani

Tatopani Bahrabise (Hotspring)

People love to take bath in Tatopani located in Bahrabise which is the famous hot spring of Nepal. It is located about five kilometers south of Kodari on the border of Nepal and Tibet (China). As the hot spring is located at the side of Araniko Highway anyone including elderly people can easily reach there. As my mother insisted on going there in the belief that bathing at the hot spring heals away one of the skin diseases, I along with my two sisters and one of my friends accompanied my mother towards Tatopani.

At early in the morning around 6:30 we went for Old Buspark and caught the Bus. At around 7 am the bus left the Bus park and headed towards Tatopani. As my friend was a little late to catch the bus from Bus park so I recommended her to catch the bus from Koteshwor. All of us excluding my mom were very excited at it was our first ride on the Araniko highway leading towards Kodari. Witnessing the spectacular natural views of hills, rivers, beautiful villages along with the majestic mountain panorama we enjoyed our bus ride towards Tatopani. The bus we caught was called Araniko Super Express and the bus acted as per the name it didn’t even halt for any lunch break or tea break rather the driver drove the bus in such a speed, there were times when all of us thought that if we could really reach Tatopani in one piece.

on the way to tatopani

At around 9 am we had already reached Dolalghat, from where then we continued our journey following the beautiful Sunkoshi river. At around 11 am we reached the Bahrabise. Till Bahrabise the road was blacked top so the ride was comfortable, but after Bahrabise the road wasn’t in good condition and the ride became slightly uncomfortable. On the way, we also witnessed the famous Bungy Jumping Spot, the Last Resort. But unfortunately, there was no one there on that day. The raging Botekhoshi river was flowing down as we headed towards Tatopani. It was sad for us to witness through our eyes how the earthquake of 2072 had devastated this area. Many houses were still in the same condition as it was during the earthquake. As the China Border hadn’t been opened since the Earthquake, Tatopani seemed so isolated.

At around 12 am we reached our final destination Tatopani. We opted to travel back to Kathmandu on the same day so we had to board the same bus while returning back too. The driver said that the bus will be there around 12:45 so we had just 45 minutes to spend in the Hotspring. So we hurried towards the spring and took the bath. There were the facilities of Tap and also the bathing tub, but we opted for Tap. It seemed like the water had some kind of magic, one doesn’t wish to get out of the hot water after entering it. But one should be very cautious while taking the bath as the place is very slippery and unfortunately one of the girls slipped and hurt her head while going there, as she was also super excited. We had a very less time period so we took the bath and then visited the small temple located there above the spring. Then we got to the road and was willing to have some lunch but it was already late as the bus arrived there at the same time so we bought some snacks and ate on the bus.

Again the driver drove the bus so speedily that at 5:30 we were there at Old Buspark.

Trip Facts:

Starting point: Old Bus Park
Ending point: Tatopani
Attraction: Tatopani, Bhotekoshi, Sunkoshi
Bus Fare: Rs.330 (one way)
Time: Around 5-6 hours depends upon traffic jam too

Note: One can also catch the Bus from Koteshwor but couldn’t guarantee the seat so we recommend you catch the bus from Old Bus park unless you have already caught a ticket.

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