Top 6 Treks During Monsoon in Nepal

top 6 trek in nepal for monsoon, rainy season trek in nepal

Top 6 Treks During Monsoon in Nepal

Nepal the country of diverse landscapes, include of four climatic seasons. Spring(March-May), Summer(June-August), Autumn(September-November) and Winter(December-February). Among all these four seasons in Nepal, Monsoon lies between end of July to September and propounds the various popular Monsoon Treks.

As many people seem apathetic about the monsoon trek due to heavy rainfall and cloudy climate. But due to the dramatic landscape of Nepal, there exists some places which doesn’t receives heavy rainfall even during the monsoon season and are suitable for trekking.

Trekking in Monsoon is really suitable for those who prefer isolation as the trail is less crowded and very few people choose to trek during the Monsoon season. If you are the one who wishes to experience the isolated and uncrowded trek in some popular trekking routes of Nepal, then the Monsoon trek assuredly is for you.

Just observe the geographical diversity of Nepal, Lumle which is situated near Pokhara receives the most rainfall, whereas Mustang which is nearly 100 km away to northern side from Pokhara receives the least rainfall in Nepal.

top 6 trek in nepal for monsoon, rainy season trek in nepal, manang trek
Trek to Manang.

Mustang and Manang district are known as district across the mountain in Nepal so Upper Mustang and Annapurna Circuit Trek is the best trekking places for monsoon season. Also, Upper Dolpo Trek, Manaslu Circuit Trek, Dhawalagiri are the places of low rainfall which is suitable Monsoon Trekking.

top 6 trek in nepal for monsoon, rainy season trek in nepal, rara lake
Rara lake, Mugu.

So, here now we list the Top 6 Treks for Monsoon Season in Nepal:

  1. Annapurna Circuit Trek
  2. Upper Mustang Trek
  3. Phoksundo Lake Trek
  4. Upper Dolpo Trek
  5. Rara Lake Trek
  6. Nar Phu Valley Trek

Note: We recommend you to manage raincoat, plastic for extra cover. Umbrella is not suggested. Air tight plastic for your electronics devices such as mobile phones, charger, earphones etc and valuable papers such as travel document, money etc.

Cons of Treks during Monsoon:

Due to heavy rainfall in Nepal during the Monsoon season, there are high chances of road blockade due to landslides, so one might opt for airways rather than the roadways. Also sometimes the flight schedule might get affected due to climatic change in Monsoon.

top 6 trek in nepal for monsoon, rainy season trek in nepal, vehicle in flood
Truck stuck in monsoon flood.

Also during Monsoon, floods in river acts as the factor of barrier for the trek since many rivers doesn’t have the sufficient bridges facilities, in such case travelers have to waste their time until the river comes to its original level. Also the Monsoon treks aren’t for those who are scared of disgusting leeches as they appear everywhere on hilly regions during Monsoon Season.

For more news about weather condition and forecasting of Nepal, Please visit the official site of Meteorological Forecasting Division of GoN.

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