tsho rolpa glacial lake at rolwaling valley trek

Tsho Rolpa Trek

Tsho Rolpa Lake located at an altitude of 4,580m (15,030 ft) is the highest glacier lake of Nepal. The lake lies in the Rolwaling Valley of Dolakha District. The Tsho Rolpa Trek goes along with the Rolwalling Valley trek in the Gaurishankar Conservation Area. Tsho Rolpa Trek is categorized as a moderate trek and doesn’t require the previous trekking experience. Even the solo trekkers can also easily commence the trek as the teahouse is available at the various spots during the trail.

Apart from the largest glacial lake itself the Tsho Rolpa Trek provides the spectacular sight of Gaurishankar Himal and not to mention the fabulous trekking trail itself adorned with the continuous flowing Rolwaling River, many beautiful waterfalls, the pristine jungle, and beautiful village settlements mostly influenced by Buddhist culture.

Now getting to the point we the gathering of 5 people had arranged Tsho Rolpa Trek for the October amid the Dashain Festival as we as a whole realize how troublesome it is for us Nepali to deal with a 4-5 days leave from the working spot, so we figured we should use the occasion itself. We as a whole were so energized for the trek and we even experienced the different sites identified with the Tsho Rolpa to procure the precise data as we needed to make the outing as short as could be expected under the circumstances. Lastly, the most held up day arrived and we were good to go with the gathered pack for the significant outing.

Be that as it may, we did the error here! We overlooked that it was not able to get the seat ticket at moment amid the celebration time frame. As it was the peak season and furthermore the real celebration Dashain was circumventing we couldn’t get the transport ticket. Two of our companions had been to the old bus park to hold the seat for five individuals transport, oh dear even subsequent to battling for 3 hours from 5-8 am they couldn’t mastermind situate. So we, at last, chose to hold the Jeep from Banepa and chose to meet at Banepa. Here too we appeared to be unfortunate no Jeeps were accessible in light of the impact of the Dashain Festival.

In the wake of reaching the few individuals for around 2 hours at long last one of the “Tata ace xl” drivers consented to drive us to the Charikot Dolakha. Presently simply envision how frantic we were for this outing we consented to go on such an awkward vehicle that likewise on such sad street. In any case, we appreciatively expressed gratitude toward the driver regardless of the street condition he consented to drive us. Also, from here we formally began our journey to Tsho Rolpa. Later we felt that our whole battle for the vehicle was nothing contrasted with the amazing and tranquil Tsho Rolpa Lake, the mind-blowing lake absolutely justified, despite all the trouble!!!

Now let’s go through the outline itinerary!

Day 01: Drive from Buspark to Gongar Khola
Day 02: Trek from Gongar Khola to Surmuche (2480m) via Simigaun (2000m)
Day 03: Trek from Surmuche to Beding (3740m)
Day 04: Hike from Beding to Tsho Rolpa (4,580m) via Naa Gaun (4180m) and then back to Beding
Day 05: Trek from Beding to Surmuche
Day 06: Trek from Surmuche to Gongar Khola via Simigaun
Day 07: Drive back to Kathmandu from Gongar Khola

Rates of Lodging And Fooding
Gongar Khola

Lodging: Rs 500 per room with two single beds
Fooding: 200 per veg meal, black tea Rs 10, milk tea Rs 15


Lodging: Rs 500 per room with two single beds
Fooding: Rs 300 per veg meal, Black Tea Rs 30


Fooding: Rs. 300 per veg Meal, Black Tea Rs. 30


Fooding: Rs. 300 per veg meal


Lodging: Rs 100 per bed
Fooding: Rs 400 per veg meal

Bus fare: Kathmandu To Gongar Khola Rs. 630

If you feel like going through the detailed adventure of ours then please continue reading below!!!!!

Day 01: Drive From Buspark to Banepa and then to Charikot.

As I had just referenced over our whole story how we could discover a vehicle to Charikot. However, on a usual day one can easily get a bus from the Old Buspark that goes directly to the Gongar Khola. As indicated by the data given by the transport driver the 3 transport leaves from Kathmandu to Gongar Khola on a regular routine. So one can easily reach Gongar Khola on local buses during usual days excluding the festive season. Getting to the point we left the Banepa around 1 PM and headed towards the Charikot. As the vehicle back was secured with the tent dress we couldn’t appreciate any views during the trip.

Around 8 PM we, at last, came to Charikot as we hadn’t intended to remain on Charikot so we didn’t examine the lodges in Charikot but thanks to the driver he took us to a nearby lodge as he had been there earlier too. The Lodge was very pleased with the facility of hot water. We as a whole were worn out as the road from Khadichaur to the Charikot isn’t in condition because of the street augmentation venture. We requested our supper and were very awed by the taste. After supper, we hit the sack and felt snoozing right away.

Day 02: Drive from Charikot to Gongar Khola and Trek to Surmuche(2480m) via Simigaun(2000m).

We woke up early in the morning two of our companions went looking for Bolero to drive us through the Gongar Khola. After a couple of minutes, they came back with the vehicle so we board Bolero and started a drive to Gongar Khola. The road to the Gongar Khola was quite impressive comparing with the previous road. The road offered the first and foremost view of majestic Gaurishakar Himal alongside the little and wonderful villas, waterway streams, and the furious Tamakoshi river. After the drive of around one hour, we achieved the Singati the independent venture town and abandoning the Singati we set out towards the Gongar Khola.

Bhorle Jharna
Bhorle Jharna on the way to Gongar Khola.

Before achieving the Gongar Khola the acclaimed “Bhorle Jharna” (Waterfall) welcomed us with its terrific magnificence. As it was our first time seeing it we ask for the driver to stop the vehicle for quite a while and began seeing it intently and catching it in the camera. The driver likewise exploited the circumstance and washed his vehicle in the cascade itself! Presently then after the drive of around 30 minutes, we, at last, came to Gongar Khola. From here we bid goodbye to the driver and began to stroll looking for a few inns to have our lunch. We entered a small lodge and requested the soup noodles. In the wake of resting for 30 minutes while having lunch, we at that point began the first trek of the excursion towards the Surmuche (2480m). From the Gongar Khola after a ceaseless 1-hour walk we achieved the Chhyot Chhyot(1410m) from where we crossed the suspension bridge over the Tamakoshi River and head towards Simigaun (2000m). The trail here appears somewhat troublesome as a most piece of the trail comprises of stairs until achieving the Surmuche.

It took us around 2 and half hours to reach Simigaun and were captivated with the excellence of the wonderful town. Simigaun offered us the first-ever close perspective of Gaurishankar Himal. One can likewise observe the vehicle tunnel made for the Upper Tamakoshi Hydroelectricity Project on the opposite side from the Simigaun. We end for a tea break for around 15 minutes on the Simigaun and after that kept on strolling towards the Surmuche. As I have just referenced before as the trail is possessed for the most part by the stairs so it comparatively took us a longer period to reach Surmuche. After a consistent stroll of around 3 hours, we came to Surmuche at 6 pm.

After coming there we were stunned to realize that it comprises just a single lodge. We were sufficiently fortunate to get two rooms notwithstanding coming to there that late. We at that point requested our supper and got some rest as we were severely tired in the wake of strolling the staircase. After supper, we had a few conversations among ourselves and got some rest.

Kindly note that there is no electricity available in Surmuche until coming to Beding (3740m). What’s more, the mobile network also doesn’t after leaving Surmuche until coming to Beding. Furthermore, we additionally prescribe you to take contact number (landline is accessible) as it helps you while returning back to book for the room.

Day 03: Surmuche (2480m) to Beding (3740m)

We left Surmuche around 8 am after our tea and then proceeded with our stroll in the expectation of coming to Beding. After the stroll of one and a half hours, we ended at Kyalche (2740m) for a tea break. There was only one hotel in Kyalche as well however was an excellent one with the gigantic daylight. We sat at the daylight for about 30 minutes while drinking the tea and kept on strolling once more.

In the wake of navigating through the thick timberland for around 40 minutes, we achieved the Dongang (2780m) which lies at the bank of Rolwaling River. As there was no teahouse close to the trail until coming to Thangdingma (3330m) we chose to have our lunch in Dongyang. There were two hotels in Dongyang. While hanging tight for our lunch we dried our garments in the sun that was soaked in sweat and rested a few times. Around 11 am we have our lunch and afterward begun to walk abandoning the Dongyang. The trail went through the thick woods and the constant streaming Rolwaling River on the side. Subsequent to strolling for around thirty minutes we crossed the bridge over the Rolwaling River and after that kept on rising the slope with the mind-blowing trekking trail until achieving the Thangdingma(3330m) at around 2:30 pm.

Near Cheet Cheet
Sign Board on the way to Beding.

After coming to Thangdingma we end for a tea break and get ourselves some rest. Following 15 minute breaks we proceeded with our stroll towards the Beding. The trail from here is a wonderful one as it appears it has been made as of late and offers some great mountains panorama. We strolled at our own pace getting rest in a few places and came to Beding(3740m) at around 6 pm. Beding is the wonderful town situated at the bank of Rolwaling River.

As we reached a bit late it was troublesome for us to discover the area of lodges, in the process of asking some nearby individuals, one of them gave us the area of the hotel. The temperature was extremely cold at Beding so at the earliest opportunity we went to the room and got on the bed. Later after supper, we got straight toward the bed as the inn proprietor had made it clear for us that we weren’t permitted to make commotion as there were foreign guests in the other room.

Day 4: Beding (3740m) to Na Gaun (4180m) to Tsho Rolpa (4580m) and back to Beding

Today we were at long last going to meet our goal Tsho Rolpa. As we had reserved the room for today too with the hotel owner so we left our bag and belongings at the lodge and headed towards the Tsho Rolpa with some snacks and water on one bag. We left the hotel around 8 am and proceeded with our walk. The trail is among the most excellent trail in the entire outing as it offered the lofty scene of the Himalayas alongside the delightful Chortens, mani walls, Buddhist prayer flags.

The trail likewise experienced the swarms of yak. After the constant stroll of around 3 hours, we achieved the lovely Na Gaun (4180m) which had two hotels. We there requested the tea had some snacks bought by ourselves with the tea. Immediately we proceeded with our adventure towards the most anticipated minute. In transit, we meet a significant number of the explorers who were returning after exploring the Tsho Ropla the vast majority of them had remained the night earlier in Na Gaun.

Naa Gaun, Dolakha
Spectacular Na Gaun with a splendid mountain background.

As we were heading close to the lake our excitement level was increasing rapidly. But, directly before achieving the lake, there was a lofty slope that required a lot of our exertion. Be that as it may, soon after we passed the slope we were enhanced by the quiet and tranquil excellence of the Tsho Rolpa Lake. We achieved the lake around 1:30 pm and invest the quality energy investigating the lake encompassing and catching the occasion. We stayed there for only an hour as we needed to return back to Beding at any expense. So after exploring the Tsho Rolpa we dropped back to Na Gaun.

Tsho Rolpa Lake
Serene and Calm Tsho Rolpa Lake.

It just took an hour for us to achieve the Na Gaun as the trail plunged down. We stop at Na Gaun for tea and while having tea we interacted with the other travelers present there and traded our perspectives. Later we set out toward the Beding backtracking a similar course that we utilized while achieving Na Gaun. After the constant strolling of three hours, we at long last came to Beding. What’s more, upon reaching to Beding we were stunned to realize that the lodge owner had to move our bag and belongings to one little cottage that had no single bed and legitimate covers and sleeping pad. The purpose behind doing as such was considered all the more stunning as he easily said us they had an international visitor so they had us moved to that little cottage. We felt so defenseless around then, we couldn’t consider anything at that specific minute as it was at that point late and there were relatively few lodges accessible at Beding as well.

Later we chose to look for other lodging and fortunately after enormous demand one of the old woman consented to give us the dining hall to go through the night yet she made it clear that she wouldn’t make the supper for us as she had effectively made supper for her other visitor. We had no different choices yet to concur on that. However, after several requests and seeing our drained face she demonstrated some kindness on us and arranged the supper for us. After supper, we likewise had some talk with that old woman. Later we dozed on the lounge area.

Please note Beding too doesn’t have much lodge facility so it is recommended to reach in time in order to book the room other you may also go through the situation that we went. And please don’t trust the lodge owner as international tourist gets much priority than the domestic tourist.

Day 5: Beding(3740m) to Surmuche(2480m)

In the morning after having tea at around 8 am we left the Beding and then set out toward the Surmuche. Our waking pace expanded as the trail was dropping and amazingly we achieved the Thangdingma (3330m) in only one and half hours from Beding, while it took 3 hours for us to reach Beding from Thangdingma in earlier days. As our walking pace expanded we chose to have our lunch in Kyalche so without wasting our time in Thangdingma we kept on walking for Kyalche. It took us an additional two hours to reach Dongyang. We didn’t stop at Dongang and constantly set out toward Kyalche and it just took 30 minutes from Dongang to reach Kyalche, where we initially requested for tea and afterward lunch. As we had enough extra time today as our goal was Surmuche which was only one and a half hours walk from so we freely spend around 3 hours in Kyalche.

We also encountered a solo female traveler from Budhanilkantha who was heading alone towards Tsho Rolpa. After having a further conversation with her we were amazed to know that this was her first trek ever even though she dared for the solo trek. In transit over from Beding we likewise experienced four, five groups of worldwide traveler heading for Tsho Rolpa.

Tsho Rolpa Trek
On the way around.

Later around 3 pm we left Kyalche and strolled towards Surmuche. It was only a stroll of one and a half hours. We came to Surmuche around 4:30 pm and afterward changed ourselves. We had enough extra time so we selected to play ludo to kill our time as the lodge also had the huge ludo board. We played one game for around 1 hour which was extremely engaging. After the completion of the game, we began our very own conversation. Today instead of having commonplace Dal, Bhat, Tarkari we requested Thukpa for supper which tasted very decent. Subsequent to having Thukpa we went for bed.

Day 6: Surmuche(2480m) to Gongar Khola via Simigaon(2000m).

In the morning after breakfast, we left Surmuche around 8 am and then continued our walk towards Simigaon. As the trails had plummeted downwards, our pace of walking had increased rapidly so with the walk of two and a half hours we reached the beautiful Simigaon. As Simigoan had the numerous options of hotels we entered the one that was close to the walking trail and requested our lunch. While hanging tight for our lunch we just sat on the daylight and rested for much time and recharged our mobile too as Simigaon was facilitated with electricity.

As we had concluded that we would go through our today’s night at Gongar Khola so we could get tomorrow’s early bus toward Kathmandu, so we had enough leisure time today. So even after having our lunch around 11:30, we chose to invest more time in Simigaon as the magnificence of the town and encompassing tricked everybody of us. We additionally explored the little excellent town. Later around 2 pm abandoning the excellent Simigoan, we at last headed to our goal Gongar Khola After descending down for about two hours and crossing the suspension bridge over the Tamakoshi river on Chhyot Chhyot we reached the Gongar Khola at 4 pm.

Trek Map
The map on the way to Gongar Khola.

Then we checked in at the hotel and booked the early morning bus ticket of Kathmandu for the following day. Later we in the evening we explored the village surrounding but there was nothing much to explore so we just entered one small hotel to take a tea break and then returned back to the lodge. After our supper, we got on the bed ahead of schedule as we had to wake up early in the morning the next day to catch the bus of 5 is.

Day 7: Drive from Gongar Khola to Kathmandu on the local bus

We woke early and set all our sack pressed and after that board the transport at 5 am. Presently we were returning back to Kathmandu with all the important memory of the Tsho Rolpa Trek. The bus stopped 2, 3 times for the morning meal and lunch in transit. What’s more, around 5 pm the bus reached Kathmandu.


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