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Upper Mustang

Upper Mustang previously popular as the “Kingdom of Lo”, is an isolated area in the Himalayas of Nepal. As it is on the border with Tibet and is a geographical part of the Tibetan plateau, the tour to this region of Nepal provides a similar experience to that of Tibet.

Mustang was a restricted area until 1992, and also had a separate kingdom until 1950. Until recent times the King of Mustang was officially recognized by the Government of Nepal. Today too, the Last King, the Raja of Mustang, still has his home in the ancient capital known as Lo Manthang.

It lies in the rain shadow of the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri ranges. So lying in the rain shadow region, this region is suitable for traveling even during the monsoons.

This region is surrounded by historical and oldest monasteries, ethnic settlements and is also popularly known as the hidden kingdom of Nepal. To enter Upper Mustang, foreign travelers need a special trekking permit and must be accompanied by a government-appointed official.

The Upper Mustang trek falls under the moderate category as the highest elevation of the area is just 3,800m, however, situations sometimes could be unfavorable. It is not recommended to travel Mustang during winter as it is extremely cold in the winter.

There is the facility of local bus till the Kagbeni and from Kagbeni one should start to trek further towards the Upper Mustang. Very few accommodations are available above Kagbeni, so it is recommended to be fully prepared for the worst-case scenario too while traveling in hectic season (i.e September – November).

upper mustang, trek to Lo manthang, roam around nepal
Upper Mustang trek map