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Where is Everest

The one and only Mount Everest is the highest point on the earth. And yes, everybody is aware of it. But the question here is “ Where is Everest Located?”.

Every passionate traveler dream of trekking to Everest Base Camp, or even conquer it. In addition, every year many of them have conquered it too. Yet many people are still unaware of the location of Mount Everest.

Where is Everest Located?

Before knowing the region of Everest, let’s get the knowledge on which country does the Mount Everest resides. 

The phenomenal Everest is located in the small landlocked country Nepal. Nepal borders China in the north and India in the South, West, and East.

Mount Everest is located in the Mahalangur range of the Great Himalayas. Everest stands exactly on the borderline of Nepal and Tibet in the southern part of Asia.

Its latitude and longitude are 27°59’ North latitude, 86°55’ East longitudes.

Politically, Everest is located at the Sagarmatha National Park in Solukhumbu District of Nepal, 300-400km far from the capital city Kathmandu.

Furthermore, the great Everest is called Sagarmatha in Nepali while Tibetan identifies it as ‘Chomolungma’. It is likewise called the third pole. The highest peak got its name from the land Surveyor-General ‘Sir George Everest’ who was the person to discover the location of Mount Everest.

The country of Himalayas, Nepal gloriously houses eight among the top ten highest peaks in the world including Everest. The topographical structure and geographical composition favor Everest as one of the best destinations in the world.

Everest Base Camp

where is everest
Everest base camp

This phenomenal trek is among the bucket list of every adventure seeker. Commonly known as EBC, it refers to two base camps on opposite sites of Everest, Nepal, and China/Tibet.

Though recently China had closed the route to the Base Camp of Everest due to inundated human waste. 

Normally, the Everest Base Camp Trek is carried out through Nepal as it is far more accessible and more often in the spotlight.

It takes around 15 days to complete this trek from Nepal. The trek offers the closest perspective of the highest peak in the world. The trek attracts a large number of people throughout the world and is one of the popular treks of Nepal.

Though, it is suggested to keep a few extra days as the Lukla Airport lies in the mountainous region. There’s no guarantee of weather in this region as the weather fluctuates drastically.

The Base Camp is nearly 130km far for a roundtrip from Lukla. One should acclimatize with the changing altitude to avoid altitude sickness.

Elevation of Everest Base Camp

Elevation of Everest base camp
Elevation chart of Everest base camp

The Base Camp of Everest lies at an altitude of 5,320m. However, the trek includes various passes in the way like:

Lukla                         2800 m
Namche Bazaar        3438 m
Khumjung                  3790 m
Tengboche                3860 m
Gorak Shep               5164 m
Everest Base Camp  5364 m
Kala Patthar              5545 m

The trek above 3000m might encounter the problem of High Altitude Sickness. Therefore it is wise to know more about the Altitude sickness also called Acute Mountain Sickness before joining this trek.

How to Get to Everest Base Camp

how to get to everest
Lukla Airport

There are two ways to get to the Base Camp: By Flight and By Land.

Flight: This is the most prompt and comfortable way to the astonishing Base Camp. The flight is from Kathmandu to Lukla. This scenic flight of 35 minutes offers you the spectacular perspective of the Great Himalayas.

Land: This is the classic route to Base Camp, which was popular among the early days. Even today some travelers opt for this route for more daring adventure. The trek goes through the Jiri. Jiri is a small town in the Dolakha district of Nepal. Jiri is also the gateway to Mount Everest.

Facts of Mount Everest

Facts of mount everest
Edmund Hillary (Left) and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa (Right)

  • Mt Everest got its name to honor the English/Welsh Surveyor George Everest.
  • Sherpa the ethnic Community of Nepal is renowned for its mountaineering skills and superior strength and endurance at high altitudes.
  • In addition, the Sherpa and the other Buddhist community regard the Mount Everest as Goddess Mother of Mountains. So they held the puja ceremony before climbing there sacred place at the Base Camp to ask for permission and safe passage before they actually step foot on the mountain.
  • Sir Edmund Hillary of New Zealand and Nepali climber Tenzing Norgay conquered the summit of Everest on May 29, 1953.
  • 49 Year old, Kami Rita Sherpa holds the record of the most successful summit of Mt Everest. He successfully summited Mt Everest for the 23rd time in May of 2019.
  • Lukla airport the gateway to Everest is one of the busiest airports in Nepal and is also in the list of the dangerous airports in the world.

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